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Your Question and Committee Answers

We encourage you to create an account and email us with any questions you might have. We will publish the Committee answers and share them with all parishes when a consensus has been reached.

Question 1.

A letter has been received by our church from our new diocese requesting financial information and....


Answer 1
We are aware of the request made by a number of the dioceses.  At this time it is our recommendation that you do nothing.
    •    DO NOT submit financial statements  for the year 2009 and a budget for 2010
    •    DO NOT hold annual elections and
    •    DO NOT submit all reports to the Bishop for their approval as well as the names of the board.
    •    DO NOT allow parish priests to have the final approval.
We have had a meeting with Bishop Longin and have informed him that the constitution is not valid since it has not been approved by the New Gracanica, as was stated in article 34 of the Constitution.
The committee recognizes that this concern. We will be preparing a formal position to present the Assembly of Churches on December 12, 2009. We would like to reach a consensus at that meeting. It is through the Unity of our Churches that we will prevail to overcome the problems we are facing. We plan to post the decision from the Assembly of Churches meeting, on our website as soon as possible and no later than the following day.
We urge everyone to share our website and the invitation with as many of our Brother and Sisters so that they urge their Church Executive to attend this meeting.

Question 2
Has the new Ustav been passed by the membership. Recently at our church meeting we were told that we had to elect a nominating committee which would decide who would make up the church board with the final decision in the hands of the parish priest with no nominations from the floor allowed. Many of us objected to this but a nominating committee was elected. When I read the new Ustav it says that this committee can only be elected at the yearly meeting.

A number of our members have pointed out that since our church is as corporation we are bound to follow our corporate by laws.This simply a way to get control and put yes men into place.

What we need is some type of proof that this new Ustav has not been passed and is not valid. I am sure you are aware of the problems we have in the Canadian Diocese.


We believe if the right information got out things would change. Thank you for your hard work. We believe you are on the right course.

Answer 2
At the  Assembly of Churches Meeting December 12, 2009, the committee will table a draft position to the Assembly. It is anticipated that this position, once input is received at the meeting will be adopted by the Assembly. In Unity we will be stronger.

On the issue of the "Ustav", it is our position that the Ustav was not approved. This point was discussed with Bishop Longin by the committee recently when we met with him.

Your corporation is incorporated under the Provincial legislation and as such it is governed in accordance with your Articles of Incorporation and the by-laws that you have passes.  No one from outside of your corporation can dictate to you what to do.  It is up to your corporate directors to act accordingly  and in full compliance of the Laws of the Province of Ontario.

You should seek legal advise on how you should conduct the corporation. Directors are generally elected by the members of the corporation.  They do not need to be approved by anyone external to the corporation. This is in compliance with the Provincial Legislation.

In short, we would recommend that Churches should do nothing until they attend the above mentioned meeting.

We urge you to share the invitation and attend the Assembly of Churches meeting on December 12, 2009.  Please also share the link to our website http://www.oossc.com/ with as many of our Brothers and Sisters as possible.

This will help to get the word out and show that there is more that the Priest as the source of information.

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