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Key Points

12 Key Points 


Assembly of Churches,

Saturday, August 15, 2009,

St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, Cleveland, Ohio


The following were the key points of concern identified
by the attendees, as follows:


 1.    Against Ustav/Constitution

 2.    Have all administrative rights to properties

 3.    Maintain monasteries and camps

 4.    To maintain religious/liturgical life (not to disrupt)

 5.    Not to touch corporations and church

 6.    Question of smaller churches

 7.    No stewardship

 8.    Representation to Sabor

 9.    Keep all churches open

10.  No territorial rights and boundaries

11.  Administrative reunification-violation of transitional regulations

12.  Uniform rules/regulations


These points were given to the Committee
as issues for them to work on.


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