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Anthiocian Village in Ligonier

The session on October 28-29
at Anthiocian Village in Ligonier PA

This meeting was very very important and informative of the direction the Orthodox "Churches" of North America are headed.  The direction was provided by the 4th Pre-Conciliar All-Orthodox Conference - referred to as "IV Chambesy".

This session was organized by the Orthodox Church Laity.

Details on the session can be found HERE

In the past their conferences were primarily Laity, with  very few Clergy in attendance. This conference was very different and had a significant presence from the Clergy with the Key note being Metropolitan Jonah of OCA.  However other notable presence was the Greek, Romanian and Anthiocian Church Bishops and clergy.

All the Mother Churches are present at Chambesy. Even the Serbian Church was clearly represented at this session.
There is a lot of history before this meeting took place, however nothing can be found through our Serbian Church Web sites in North America.

Information from SPC can be found HERE

The Communiqué was issued and can be accessed through a number of websites and be searched for using the search word "Chambesy".

Information from GOA, a Greek site, on Chambesy
can be found HERE
Information from GOA on Chambesy can be found HERE
Information from GOA on the Communique can be found HERE
Information from GOA on the Decision can be found HERE
Information from GOA on The Rules can be found HERE

SCOBA, of which Metropolitan Christopher is a member, has information which can be found HERE

The mother churches of the East (including Serbian) have issued a proclamation from the IV Chambesy. I used the SPC Website to search Chambesy and information was found to a variety of links.

To help one understand Chambesy, you can listed to the Ancient Fait Radio. They have a number of documentary interviews HERE

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