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Orthodox Diaspora 2011 Update

The OOSCC has been keeping you informed
of a SIGNIFICANT development in the
Orthodox Diaspora since we started our website.

To get a true understanding, we urge our readers to read the 1st series of article from October 2009. The documents can be found on this website,HERE.

Since then a number of developments have occurred.  There have been 2 Episcopal Assemblies of Canonical Bishops held in the USA, and similar Assemblies have been held in the designated regions.  For our brothers and sisters in Canada, a request has been approved for the formation of the  Assembly of Canonical Bishops of Canada.  They too have also convened and are progressing on the same path.  The Canonical Bishops have formed a number committee to prepare for the eventual unification.

The most important development however is in the USA.  The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America has created a legal entity.

The Serbian Bishops in North America however have not been sharing the developments with the parishioners of the Serbian Orthodox Churches.  Bishop Longin was specifically asked about this.  His response was that he was not concerned  with this and that we parishioners need not fear anything from this.  He indicated that he was not in support of this. 

Bishop Longin has clearly contradicted these statements in an interview posted to the website of the Assembly of Canonical Bishops of North and Central America on October 18, 2011. Read his statement HERE.

Every Orthodox Christian, especial those that belong to the Diaspora Churches needs to read and get familiar with what is coming. A lot of information is  available on the website www.assemblyofbishops.org.  We urge our readers to read about it and share this information with our Orthodox brothers and sisters. Church Boards need to be aquainted with these developments and commence preparation for this new reality that is coming, SOONER rather than not in my time.  Ask your priest and your church executives to follow up with your Bishops.

Do not sit by in the comfort that nothing will happen. Take a good look at what happened with the Constitution issue within the Serbian Orthodox Church and let it be a lesson. Note that the  Bishops are acting and forging forward without the input of their parishioners.



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